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Welcome to the Fall Semester!

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The Faculty Center has recently changed to a departmental blog as the platform for our web presence. While it is still in a state of transition, we think that the most important pieces of information and resources are available to visitors. The creation of the departmental blog was a great activity to reflect on what we offer online and how we organize it. This blog space will keep reflection as a continued activity.

Right now the Faculty Center is completing the processing of the Summer SRTEs, preparing them for shipment to University Park by September 8th. The results should be available online 4-6 weeks later at

We are also making final preparations for our online courses to go live in a few days. There is much double- and triple-checking going on to make sure that everything works from the first day on. AM ST 105 is available again through the eLearning Cooperative and has had full enrollment every semester it has been offered. The Homeland Security certificate program  begins its first course this semester. This program is being developed with support from World Campus, and could eventually be part of a master's program.

There are two special faculty events this week: New Faculty Orientation is tomorrow, and the Adjunct Faculty Workshop is Saturday. These events never fail to get me excited about the start of the new academic year - new ideas, new possibilities! More on these events will be added in a future post.