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Talking about Teaching

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Although the group of faculty who tend to gather at these monthly discussions is typically small, the conversation is always relevant and interesting. My favorite part is watching faculty from different disciplines meet each other and make meaningful connections. This month, the two main topics of our conversation centered around the recent Faculty Forum on hybrid and online courses, and Facebook. While we don't solve the problems of the world in our hour together, we certainly ask probing questions and raise important issues. Participants often write themselves a quick reminder for a helpful classroom strategy shared by one of their colleagues.

Looking ahead to next semester, Friday afternoons fit the schedules for those who have been faithfully attending, so we decided to stick with the first Friday of the month from 2:00-3:00pm. If it's still available, I'll reserve W205 Olmsted. Since not everyone will be back the first Friday of January, we'll get our schedule started in February.

I asked for topic suggestions to use as discussion starters next semester, so here are the first three dates and the topics to get us started: February 5th - Grade inflation; March 5th - Diversity; and, April 9th - Bridging the generation gap in our classrooms. The last Talking about Teaching will be May 7th.

Feel free to join us!