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Blended Learning Focus Session Scheduled

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Join us during the afternoons of September 15th and 16th for "Blended Learning: The 21st-Century Learning Environment," the 2010 Educause Learning Initiative (ELI) Online Fall Focus Session. Hosted inside an Adobe Connect learning environment in Room E306 Olmsted, this virtual event will be much more than your typical online seminar. You'll exchange ideas and collaborate interactively with the ELI community--all without leaving your campus.

During this two-day online event we will:
  • Revisit the status of blended learning today--what we've learned and how this instructional approach continues to evolve to support learning across many disciplines
  • Create a framework for the successful design and deployment of faculty development for blended learning
  • Explore successful implementations of blended learning across different types of institutions
  • Reflect on the potential for blended learning to promote critical thinking, student engagement, and success
  • Consider assessment strategies for blended learning, both at the course and program levels
  • Identify the role learning technologies--synchronous and asynchronous--can play in blended learning
  • Engage in dialogue with a community of professionals focused on how to design and deploy blended learning across the curriculum

Why you should participate:
This online event will bring together a variety of professionals to examine how today's model of blended learning can help institutions design and deploy successful blended learning offerings at many levels. This session will be valuable to numerous groups:
  • Information technology professionals
  • Learning technologists
  • Faculty members
  • Administrators
  • Librarians
  • Others functioning in related roles
Those who attend will be considered part of a campus team investigating the potential of blended learning for our college. We hope to have many departments and disciplines represented in order to build rapport, solidify plans, and enrich our group effort. By sharing a common focus session experience, participants can reflect on the implications for our campus.

Hosted by the Faculty Center for Teaching & Instructional Technology, at the conclusion of this focus session, their instructional designers will be available to work with departments and/or individual faculty members to redesign courses for a hybrid/blended delivery targeted towards Fall 2011. The full program description is available here: FallFocusSessionProgram82310.pdf

Please RSVP to Pam Crist at