Preparing for the New Semester: ANGEL Reminders

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The Faculty Center has prepared a list of ANGEL reminders and tips to help you towards a smooth start to the new semester. Please be in touch with any questions. Our contact information is provided on the "Contact" tab of this website.

Activate Course
If you still see Disabled under your course title on your ANGEL "My Profile" page, students cannot see your course. To activate your course so students can see it, please follow the steps listed in this ANGEL Help article:

Tip: Activate your course before sending ANGEL mail to your students.

Gradebook Copy Tool
If you used ANGEL's Gradebook in a previous course and have the same or similar assignments and grading scheme in this semester's course, you might be able to save time by copying that previous Gradebook into this semester's Gradebook. Use the Copy Gradebook Settings steps provided in this ANGEL Help article:
Tip: If you have not used ANGEL's Gradebook, but are interested in getting started, please make an appointment with one of the instructional designers in the Faculty Center by calling Betsy at x4309.

Importing Content from a Previous Semester
This ANGEL Help article will provide the steps to import content from a previous semester's course into your current course in ANGEL:
Tip 1: Be sure to be in your NEW course to begin these steps.
Tip 2: If you have taught this course multiple times over the past year, it could be difficult to distinguish last semester's course from all of the other previous sections. One way to determine which course is which is to add the semester and year to the course title, e.g., FA11. To do this, from your My Profile page, click the "Settings" link located under the course title and type in the year and semester in its title field. Click "Save." Now you can enter your new course and begin the process to import content.

Sending Course Mail
It used to be that when you chose to "Compose Message" in ANGEL and selected "To," options would automatically be available from which to choose. Now it seems that at least some of us need to select the Groups link to see the choices to send to "All course faculty," "All course individuals," or "All course students."
Tip: Be sure that you have activated your course before sending ANGEL mail to your students.

Supported Browsers
ANGEL is not compatible with all browsers. Currently, it is only compatible with Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9, and Firefox 3.6, 4, or 5. Please refer to this ANGEL Help article for the list of compatible browsers and links to their downloads:
Tip: This might be a good link to share with your students.

Syllabus Upload
The last step in the syllabus upload process is often forgotten, so please refer to this ANGEL Help article for a list of the steps:
Tip: For students, only one file is viewable from this tab. If you have two separate files for the syllabus and course schedule, upload the syllabus to the Syllabus tab and upload the course schedule to the Lessons tab.

System Check
This component is viewable from ANGEL's logon screen, directly beneath the Log on button, and checks your browser for compatibility every time you navigate to ANGEL. Read more in this ANGEL Help article:
Tip: This might be another good link to share with your students.

Reminder: The ANGEL Archive will take place Wednesday, January 25th, for all courses from Fall 2010 and prior, all groups with low activity for 6 months or longer, and for all master courses and learning object repositories no longer in use. You received email notices from ANGEL Support on 12/12/11. You can read the entire ANGEL archive policy here:
Tip: Work with the Faculty Center's instructional designers to devise your own archiving strategy.

ANGEL Replacement Rumors
It is true that ANGEL was bought by BlackBoard, and is being integrated, along with WebCT, into their newest version. A University eLearning Strategic Committee has been working for over a year conducting site visits, piloting various learning management system products, and reviewing RFPs. Some of Penn State Harrisburg's faculty have been involved in those pilots. A decision for ANGEL's replacement will be made before the end of this semester with a pilot project likely to begin in Fall 2012. The transition to the new learning management system will continue until 2014. We will continue to use ANGEL through Spring and Summer 2012, and many of us will still be using it during Fall 2012. Most will begin the transition during 2013.

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