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Penn State Open Education Art Course Featured on iTunes U

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 Art 10: Introduction to Visual Studies, an online Penn State course, has undergone an extensive redesign to become the first open educational resource the University will offer through Apple's iTunes U. The course will feature a multi-touch book that showcases artists and artwork, newly redesigned high-definition videos, a variety of art apps, and engaging creative artwork projects.

Art 10 is an introductory art appreciation course created for individuals without artistic backgrounds, introducing them to various art movements, cultural influences, artistic genres, and artists and their work. The course is taught by Anna Divinsky, instructor of art for Penn State's School of Visual Arts, and is designed to help students learn about hands-on studio art techniques, while encouraging personal creativity. By the end of the course, participants will compile a portfolio of artwork based on what they have learned. As an online open education resource offered by Penn State, anyone can take the course free through Apple iTunes' educational service iTunes U.

The course restructuring was a collaborative project between the e-Learning Institute in the College of Arts and Architecture and Information Technology Services. Along with the new instructional videos and updates, it is now designed for use on a device using Apple's iOS mobile operating system, specifically the iPad. Art 10 will be featured on the iTunes U landing page from Dec. 18 into January.

To get started taking the course, please go to

Faculty who use newspapers in classroom can get free subscriptions

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Copied from the 12/18/12 Penn State Harrisburg Newswire:
Faculty who include newspaper readership as part of their required coursework can receive a daily subscription of that paper at no cost -- as well online classroom resources, case studies and additional teaching support materials made available by The New York Times and USA Today -- as part of the Penn State Student Newspaper Readership Program. Faculty interested in receiving the free newspapers for use in their classrooms should email the Penn State Student Newspaper Readership Program at and provide their contact information, office address and a copy of the course syllabus requiring student newspaper readership as an email attachment.

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