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World Wide Narratives: Digital Stories of Penn State Harrisburg
Listen, Reflect, and Comment!

Do you sometimes wonder what someone's journey has been to bring them to Penn State Harrisburg? Do you wonder about the barriers they might have had to navigate and how they managed to overcome them? Would you like to know what being here means to them?

Please listen now to your friends' and colleagues' stories of critical incidents affecting their daily lives on campus. These stories are online now!

This is a joint project led by the Faculty Center for Teaching & Instructional Technology in collaboration with Penn State Harrisburg's Diversity and Educational Equity Committee (DEEC), Media Commons, Intercultural Affairs, and a wide range of campus student organizations, to focus on the often untold or unnoticed stories of fellow students, faculty, and staff.

To participate, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Penn State's VoiceThread website to "sign in" using your access account:
  2. Go to  This link will join you to our VoiceThread group. Click on "voicethread" in the upper left corner. Under the VoiceThread "GROUPS", click on "World Wide Narratives". 
  3. Select a story and listen to it. Reflect and comment by clicking the comment button on the digital story slide after you have finished watching it, and then click either the "type" or  "record" button. (You may need a headset with a microphone if you are on campus. You can check these out at the library).
Thank you for your support in helping to make our campus a welcoming place for all!

Watch for the announcements for our Day of Listening on December 1st in the Gallery Lounge and reserve 12:00-1:30pm so you can help celebrate our story tellers and listeners.

Please feel free to contact the Faculty Center if you need assistance.

Shivaani Selvaraj
Faculty Center for Teaching & Instructional Technology

W203 Olmsted

Martha Strickland
Assistant Professor, School of Behavioral Sciences and Education
W331 Olmsted

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